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Since we began our dog fence business in 1994, the stats have remained pretty much the same – about 30% of our customers have a traditional fence or wood, chain link, stone, etc. before they call us. But their dogs dig out or jump over..we have even had a few who go through their fences. If a dog is determined to breach a physical obstacle like a barrier fence, it must be a well-planned and engineered structure to prevent escapes. Simply put, most traditional fences are not up to the job of containing that sort of dog or cat. Pet Stop, on the other hand is designed specifically for pet containment. With a properly configured Pet Stop dog fence, we can reinforce a failing traditional fence or create a boundary without the need for a physical structure.

Advantages of Pet Stop Dog Fencing Over Traditional Fences


Traditional fences are expensive, normally costing 2 to 4 times the price of a Pet Stop dog fence system, while giving your pets much less space. Angie’s List has published a useful article about fencing here:



If the purpose of your fencing project is pet containment traditional fencing might do the job, but a lot depends on the type of fence, quality of the materials and installation job, and your pet’s level of determination. A physical barrier is too often seen as an easily defeated obstacle by dogs and cats. With a Pet Stop Pet Fence system, there’s no climbing over or digging under. No gates to leave open, either. For these and other reasons, almost 25% of our business consists of reinforcing traditional fencing. The Pet Stop dog fence is very good at the job for which it is designed.


Traditional fences can create barriers of a few types, using gates to allow passage when needed.  With a Pet Stop system there are lots of options, and no gates to deal with.  You can create boundary zones for different portions of the yard, or separate the front yard from the back, or block specific indoor areas..there are many possibilities.



A well-built wood or iron fence can be very attractive, at least for a while.  But things deteriorate, and the result can be less attractive. Also, as nice as your fence might look, many people prefer to look at the woods or lake or whatever the traditional fence would block from view.  And do you really want a fence in your front yard?  Then there’s the shade created by a traditional fence, which can inhibit the growth of your lawn and other plantings you might like to see.


Let’s admit it – weed trimming a fence is a big job, and can be a real pain.  That’s why if you employ a lawn service, they charge significantly more to perform this job.  If you do it yourself, it can be frustrating and time-consuming – and can eventually cause real damage to the bottom of a wood fence.  Chain link fences rust, and wood fences warp and rot.  Gates get warped by gravity, and their latches bend.  Even with regular maintenance, wood fences all end up the same weathered gray.  Fences need repairs periodically, which can be costly.  Many HOAs have specific and strict rules regarding fence maintenance.


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